from collector connections
to complete systems.


  • Hydraulische Verbindungselemente
  • Solaranlagen-Befüllungssystem
  • Druckausgleichsbehälter
  • Steuerungseinheit
  • Pumpstation
  • Frost- und Korrosionsschutzmittel
  • Warmwasserspeicher

What good is the best collector when it is not properly installed and connected?

Our offer does not stop at high-performance collectors. In addition to our mounting systems, we also supply all common connections and fasteners that are used to install SolMetall collectors. We want your system to achieve the best result, based on continuous usage at peak performance.

If you need complete solar thermal systems, we will supply you with all the components for your individual needs. In addition to our own products, we supply exclusively reliable products from market leaders.