efficiency is also
a matter of position.

For optimum yield of solar energy, and in addition to the state and angle of the sun, the right placement and the angle of inclination of the panels or modules are of extreme importance. Just a few degrees can decide on the profitability of an investment. SolMetall offers a wide range of mounting options for all types of roofs:

Here, the solar elements are mounted in close proximity to the roof. For PV modules adequate ventilation must be ensured. For assembly our sturdy roof anchors, bolts and retaining clips are provided.

Integrated roof mounting
Mounting the solar panels in this way replaces the roof tiling in this area. The system is visually harmonious as it is flush with the roof.

Elevated mounting
This principle was designed for low angle roofs. A solid frame ensures the right balance. Due to the weight and wind load, a static test is recommended before mounting.

Flat-roof mounting
The solar elements are elevated at different angles to achieve the optimal function, in Germany the panels are set up at an angle of 45 °. This angle is reduced in countries further South and is greater in countries further North. Adjustments are made easily.