is our Standard.

SolMetall collectors are available to fit all localities.

Our range of products are available in four sizes with a total area between 2,1 m2 and 2,7 m2 Thanks to this compact size, the collectors can be mounted quickly and easily. If required we have the facility to make larger collectors with a total area of up to 11 m2. In short, your demand is our ambition. With our knowledge and expertise, we have the solution to fit).

All SolMetall collectors have the characteristic, high-quality design with a completely smooth and even surface finish (thanks to WLT® technology) in addition toan extremely stable, visually appealing framework.

Please contact us for moreinformation onon fixtures for on-roof, flat-roof, flush in -roof and roof elevations.

Our standard sizes are as follows:
> 2,1 m2 > 2,5 m2
> 2,3 m2 > 2,7 m2